The company “PIERIA GLASS” is certified by a patent from OBI


Double glazed Venetian blinds


The company “PIERIA GLASS”, S. Koupourtidis & CO, based on 1st km. Keramidi, Katerini Greece, is being active in the glass processing sector for more than 30 years, specialised in the manufacture of double glazed venetian blinds..

Housed in private premises of 2600 sq. m. with the newest machinery, the use of state of art technology, experienced and constantly trained personnel, contribute in maintaining one of the leading positions in the sector.

Continuous outsourcing and collaboration with high technology companies from Europe and worldwide, extend further our cognition and capabilities in glass processing.

Modern architectural and construction needs, as well as continuous search for new products, resulted in creation of innovative research and development department within our premises.

We are the only Greek company to design and manufacture double glazed venetian blinds, with Greek and European patent protection.

The new and revolutionary shading system, double glazed venetian blinds, offers endless solutions for office partitions, doors and windows, public buildings as well as professional and domestic spaces. High aesthetics combined with great efficiency, shade control and dust free conditions, they are offered made to measure and in a variety of control systems, manual or electric, either separate or in group with RF remote controls. Stringiest quality control tests ensure trouble free operation.

Our prolonged experience is proven by achieving great co operations which contribute to continuous evolution in our sector. Our effort in “PIERIA GLASS” is to provide solutions for our customers, offering a variety of products to choose from according to their needs and practice, always at the best market prices.

Our products

Περσίδες διπλής υάλωσης, Company
Venetian blinds double glazed with Electric System (PG E)
Περσίδες διπλής υάλωσης, Company
Venetian blinds double glazed with Magnetic System (PG M)
Περσίδες διπλής υάλωσης, Company
Venetian blinds double glazed with Rope system (PG R)
Περσίδες διπλής υάλωσης, Company
Venetian blinds double glazed with Button system (PG B)
Περσίδες διπλής υάλωσης, Company
Venetian blinds glazed with button and rope system (PG BC)

Double glazed Venetian blinds is an innovative shading system forming a modern product, comprising functionality and durability with high aesthetics. (No cleaning required) .

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Where Venetian blinds systems can be used

They are ideal for use in places where the sun light can be regulated according to user’s wish.

Recommended for professional and home use:

  • Hotel units
  • Shops
  • Medical establishments
  • Offices
  • Cafeterias - restaurants
  • Households

And in many other places, internal or external, by choosing the system that fits best